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FabAuto 1996 - 2021

Two decades ago, the Chinese Automative industry was a wave of international brands from Japan and Europe. CEO of FabAuto cylinder liner is the kind of person who has ingenuity and dedicated to an industry that he’s interested in. He sold different auto parts before establishing the factory, one of his friends was worried about China’s engine parts development. That made him consider “why not make our own trustable cylinder liner brand”. So FabAuto was founded in 1996, With the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company began to develop "high wear-resistant alloy cast iron cylinder liners" in 1998.

After comparing dozens of wear-resistant materials for doping tests and comparisons, the best material ratio was selected. And control the furnace temperature and incubation time, and use the world's most advanced CNC numerical control equipment to accurately process and honing the workpiece. The "high-speed wear-resistant alloy cast iron cylinder liner" product has been successfully developed, and the service life can reach 300,000 kilometers. The above has been recognized by users at home and abroad.

2020 -

2020 year-pic1


After years of industry and technology accumulation, our engineers began to develop the sintering process of ceramic cylinder liners in 2007.
Ceramic Cylinder Liner Patens
After 13 years of research, the ceramic cylinder liner was successfully sintered and applied for an invention patent to the State Intellectual Property Office.

2014 -


Well-known partners

In 2014, we obtained quality approval from Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (main engine factory) and obtained cooperation.

2006 -


Expansion of foundry and engineering

2003 -


Production capacity

After years of accumulation and technological improvement, the output exceeded 1 million in 2003.

2001 -

2001 year-pic1

Research funding support

In 2001, the "High Wear-Resistant Alloy Cast Iron Cylinder Liner" project passed the appraisal and acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and received a total of 15 million national scientific research funds during the five years.

1999 -

1999 year-pic1

Passed ISO & Export cylinder

After hard work passed the ISO quality system certification in 1999, and began to export cylinder products.

1996 -

1996 year-pic1

Set up

In 1996, the company was established and started to research and develop non-ferrous metal casting and purchased 4 CNC lathes made in Germany. In 1998, 1 set of shape and position measuring instrument made in Switzerland and 1 set of spectrometer made in Germany were purchased. One set of tensile strength, one set of bending strength, one set of product wear resistance analysis equipment

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