How to Remove Cylinder Liners?

Has your cylinder liner cracked or damaged? If it’s already scored and distorted, this means you can now replace the liner. In this article, we’ll tell you the proper ways on how to remove cylinder liners for replacement of new ones.

You can easily remove cylinder liners from diesel engines with the help of a liner puller.

To remove the liner, you simply need to place the puller in the cylinder. The puller will then lift the bottom of the cylinder sleeve as you crank the bolt on the centerline screw. With this simple procedure, your liner will be removed in a matter of minutes.

Below we have elaborated the basic know-hows on cylinder liner removal and replacement. Read on!
What is the Cylinder Liner Used for?
The cylinder liner functions to provide a smooth and lubricated sliding surface for the piston ring as it travels along its walls. It also conveys the heat from the piston and piston rings to the coolant.
Where is it Located?
The cylinder liner is located in the engine block cylinder slots. During combustion, high temperature and high pressure is great enough to damage the engine block components. Hence, the cylinder liner is a removable element which can be replaced if damaged.
What Causes Cylinder Liner Damage?
As mentioned, a cylinder liner can become hotter than the jacket. Hot metals tend to expand at combustion temperature, growing in length and diameter. This causes the liner to crack on long periods of usage.
Are You Using Dry or Wet Liners?
The first thing to do is to inspect which type of liner you have. Is it a wet liner or dry liner?

If your engine has dry liners, you can simply pull it out without removing any special parts like in wet liners. Wet liners have extra grooves which fit the O-ring seals preventing water ingress on the crankcase.

cylinders with piston, and cylinder liner

Most diesel engines have dry liners, where the coolant does not make contact with the liner and the engine block surrounds the liner.
How Do You Remove Cylinder Liners?
Tools You Need
Cylinder Liner Puller – You can use a cylinder pack puller for removing the cylinder liner, the piston and the connecting rod as one unit.
Brake parts cleaner
Options for Cylinder Liner Pullers
There are three types of cylinder liner pullers you can choose from. These are:
1. Universal Liner Puller M50010-A
The most common is the Universal Liner Puller M50010-A, which has 2 spring-loaded, adjustable legs.

2. M30150 Liner Puller
This is the newest puller used today. It usually fits cylinder liners with internal diameters ranging from 5.0″ to 5.75″. The M30150 is usually used for removing the liner from the bottom, pulling the piston/conrod assembly. It has a bulky cylindrical body with robust O-rings or rubber to grab the cylinder from the inside.


3. M30020
These are one of the oldest cylinder sleeve pullers which were mainly used in 71 & 92 Detroit diesels.


1. Remove or wipe out the oil present from the cylinder walls and crankcase.
You can use a Brake parts cleaner to remove the grease or oil from the surfaces.
2. Fit the lower end of the puller on the lower end of the collar of the liner.

3. Install the puller on the bores of the crankcase.

4. Turn the nut of the puller until the liner is free from the crankcase bore.

5. Remove the liner assembly by lifting it. Now you’re done!


What to Do Upon Removing Cylinder Liners
1. Inspect the Liner for Cracks or Damage
Inspect the liner for cracks, damages, or scoring.
2. Inspect the Piston for Cracks or Damages
The pistons and rod should come next. Inspect them for cracks or holes or signs of scuffing or pitting. You’d usually find cracks near the pin or skirt.
3. Is it time to replace your Cylinder Liner?
If there are cracks, scoring or fretting, you would need to replace the liner. If you see signs of cavitation or erosion, you need to replace the liner. If you need to replace the piston rings, you also need to install a new cylinder liner.
Cylinder liners are important parts of the engine block. They serve a lot of purpose and function to prolong the life of other engine components. In case you suspected your cylinder liner to be damaged, damaged, scored, or cracked, you would need to remove and replace them.

We hope you were guided in this article on how to remove cylinder liners with different tools and methods.

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