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Why Use Centrifugally Cast Material?

The centrifugal casting process involves pouring molten metal into a spinning die and allowing the metal to solidify over time while the die continues to rotate at a high velocity. The metal is literally spun to the outside of the die, leaving a hole in the center and ultimately creating a cylindrical metal tube.

Centrifugal castings are superior to static castings because the casting process results in a more consistent crystalline structure in the metal, drastically reducing the potential for casting defects and impurities in the metal. Through the effect of the g-force applied to the metal, heavier metal is spun to the exterior of the tube and any impurities essentially “float” to the inside diameter of the casting, and are machined away.

Centrifugal casting saves material and processing time in the production process, so our price is more advantageous.


FabAuto Materials

Sourcing & Research Our own customized FabAuto Ratio of various metals, we are confident to guarantee all FabAuto Liner could run more than 300,000 kilometers & with ZERO complaints in this regard! Having our own foundry and select ourselves materials have its advantages. FabAuto has R&D team to research.

Materials are basic elements, the ratio of various metals are key to maintain a long-lasting lifespan, the way how we cast the metal and process the inner&outer part makes every small detail perfect!


Cast Alloy Iron

The main components of the cylinder liner material, these are the materials we mainly use (the lowest & highest ratio):

Chemical Composition Minimum Maximum Effect
copper 0.2 0.35 Improve resilience
chromium 0.8 1.2 Improve corrosion resistance
molybdenum 0.2 0.3 Increase hardness
vanadium 0.2 0.3 Improve wear resistance
titanium 0.1 0.2 Improve tensile strength
boron 0.3 0.6 High temperature resistance
manganese 0.5 0.8 Improve hardness and wear resistance
silicon 2 2.5 Improve molten iron fluidity and material consistency


  • Adopt German CNC equipment to achieve the appearance of top brands
  • Outer diameter accuracy could reach a tolerance of ±0.01mm
  • FabAuto guarantees it’s difficult for you to distinguish our liner to any famous OE brand products


  • Guarantee to run more than 300,000 kilometers (rather than one-third of this)
  • ZERO Customer Complaints of Service Life
  • Independently developed formulas to meet different requirements
  • Continuously improve of best wear-resistant materials ratio
  • One of the few companies who got support from the Fujian Institute of Physics,
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences every year

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